Success Stories

"I came to Dr. Marks because I had been dealing with unexplainable anxiety/depression since college. Before going to him, I tried everything I could except going on medication. I changed my diet to being gluten-free, started meditating, sleeping 8 hours a night and exercising daily, yet I still was dealing with the anxiety/depression and chronic body pain. I came to him for his functional medicine practice and found out I was overmethylated. Within 3 months, by taking different supplements recommended through his Integrative Assessment Technique, I started feeling less anxious and more clear-headed. Now, 8 months later, I feel like a total different person with no side effects. I HIGHLY recommend a consultation with Dr. Marks for functional medicine and not to mention his chiropractic practices as well."

-Chris C-


“I was seriously concerned and thought I was headed for a Thyroidectomy. My energy was so low, I could no longer maintain my full time work schedule. Given my background and lifelong commitment to good health, I was deeply saddened. Within a period of weeks during which I cleansed and took prescribed supplements, Dr. Marks had completely restored my health. I am stronger, in better condition that I was prior to getting sick. I had my doubts, but now I’m a believer.”

-Bernadette Murphy – Writer & Nurse


“For almost a year I did not sleep well at night, had poor energy in the morning and had to take two naps each day. I was often on edge, not motivated to do much beyond caring for my two boys and my hormones were all over the place with at least 10 days of PMS each month. Life was all in gray tones at best. Dr. Marks found that my adrenal glands, pancreas, thyroid and pituitary were “shot.” Within one month on Dr. Marks’ individualized protocol for me I was sleeping through the night for at least 8 hours, awakening more refreshed and needing NO naps during the day. Life was brighter and more vivid, PMS is almost gone AND I’ve started my own business while also taking great care of my family!”

-Joko Gilbert, Manager, Arbonne International


“While living in New York, I had experienced stomach problems for close to a year. No matter what I did, or who I saw, I never seemed to get better. I bounced between traditional medical “experts”, was seen by a handful of gastroenterologists, and still wasn’t properly diagnosed. I finally decided to try a form of alternative healing, and that was Dr. Marks. Within weeks, my symptoms had significantly decreased for the first time. Dr. Marks treats his patients without a protocol. He treats his patients as individuals, with non-invasive diagnostic methods. This is truly the way healing was meant to be performed.”

-Noah Gammel


Dr. Marks is one if those rare doctors that completely gives of himself when it comes to healing people. The type of medical specialist you need around when none of the establishment MD’s can figure out what is REALLY going on with you. My son and I are both his patients. He has a no nonsense approach to healing. Yet he is very warm and attentive. Our pediatrician kept happily prescribing antibiotics for my sons alarmingly frequent ear infections. I was horrified at the idea of giving a tiny child antibiotics so often. A colleague of mine mentioned how impressed she was with this “natural healer” she was seeing, so I immediately made an appointment. After the examination Dr. Marks told me the infections were due to an intolerance of a cow milk protein. He gave me some powder to give to my son and insisted on only goat milk, as soy was also not good for Emanuel. As a diagnostician I must say Dr. Marks is excellent. We never had another ear infection in the past seven years. Dr. Marks is really ahead of his time with his approach to restoring one’s health.

-Evelyn Barkagan

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