Knee Decompression

"The Knee on Track: Revolutionary Knee Joint Decompression Therapy for Optimal Healing"

The Knee on Track is a revolutionary therapy designed to decompress the knee joint in a unique and unparalleled manner. Led by Dr. Loren Marks, this specialized treatment aims to alleviate pain and promote healing through innovative techniques. Additionally, complementary therapies are integrated to enhance the overall healing process and maximize the benefits of this groundbreaking knee joint decompression therapy.


Understanding Knee Joint Decompression in The Knee on Track Therapy

The Knee on Track therapy distinguishes itself by its emphasis on decompressing the knee joint, setting it apart from other conventional knee treatments. Joint decompression involves creating space within the knee joint, reducing pressure and compression on the affected structures. By precisely targeting the knee joint and employing specialized techniques, The Knee on Track therapy aims to relieve pain, restore proper alignment, and enhance the overall function of the knee joint.

The Mechanism of Knee Joint Decompression in The Knee on Track therapy utilizes a sophisticated system that gently applies controlled traction or negative pressure to the knee joint. This unique approach effectively decompresses the knee joint, creating a space between the joint surfaces. By reducing pressure and compression, The Knee on Track therapy helps to restore proper alignment, alleviate pain, and improve joint mobility. This process also promotes better circulation and facilitates the entry of nutrients into the joint, supporting the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Complementary Therapies used with The Knee on Track

While knee joint decompression is the core focus of The Knee on Track therapy, additional complementary therapies are integrated to enhance the overall healing process. These adjunctive therapies work synergistically with knee joint decompression to optimize results. For example, Cold Laser Therapy and Mechanoreceptor Stimulation with the Pro-soft GT device may be employed to further promote tissue repair, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and enhance joint function. These therapies support the comprehensive healing approach of The Knee on Track therapy, providing additional benefits and maximizing the overall outcomes for patients.

Are you interested in determining if The Knee on Track therapy is the right solution for you?

We are excited to provide you with an exclusive opportunity to personally experience its benefits. Take advantage of our special offer: an initial $99 consultation, examination, and trial therapy session with Dr. Marks. This comprehensive session allows you to discuss your specific knee concerns, undergo a thorough examination, and even experience a trial therapy session of The Knee on Track. Dr. Marks will also review any MRI reports or previous imaging you may have to further assess your condition. Do not miss this chance to receive a personalized evaluation and discover how The Knee on Track therapy can alleviate your knee pain and enhance your overall knee function. Contact us today at 212-333-7300 to book your appointment and take the first step towards a pain-free and active lifestyle.

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