A Letter From Dr. Marks

Drawing upon my 33 years of academic and clinical experience in integrative medicine, and having successfully treated thousands of patients and their families, I founded the Integrative Assessment Technique (IAT). I had seen the need to create a comprehensive method of evaluating the many aspects of a person that contribute to disease or health. IAT is an approach that examines a patient’s biochemistry, structure, and emotions. By assessing the relationship of these systems and correcting imbalances, I can assist you in improving your quality of life, leading toward optimal health.

I am well aware of the difficulty in deciding which, if any, nutritional supplements to take and what dietary guidance to follow. Today’s consumer is deluged with advice, nearly mandating a “literary butler” to decipher what is best. There are many pitfalls to confront when making these decisions—in particular possible interactions with prescribed medications—and knowing when that medicine or nutrient is no longer needed.

We leave it to physicians and specialists to diagnose critical health problems, but many of us need the skills of a doctor who is board-certified in clinical nutrition, who can provide sound nutritional advice and natural medicines to aid in our quest for restored health and disease prevention.

The importance of considering the mind-body connection cannot be overstated. Viewing the body as a whole requires observing how our thoughts and emotions play a crucial role in achieving and maintaining optimum health. A careful analysis of our nutritional status, structural condition, and emotional state will aid in achieving our goal of a sound mind in a sound body.

Diseases do not merely show up—they must first develop. IAT is a critical diagnostic tool in creating a program of treatment designed for the individual patient. My goal as one of your health care practitioners is not only to help you get well, but also to improve your quality of life, leading toward healthy aging and longevity.

In Best Health,

Dr. Loren Marks

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