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 Our Integrative Health Solutions program represents an advanced approach to healthcare that combines the best from science and the functional medicine community.

This program involves a personalized analysis of an individual's body chemistry, comprehensive lipid testing, inflammation markers, environmental and food allergies, hormones, vitamins, and minerals based on one's age, weight, and gender.

This analysis allows us to create highly customized programs that support and restore nutrient and hormone levels to their optimal ranges. Combined with healthy lifestyle behaviors, gene expression, and regulation are enhanced to improve your overall health.

Customized Supplementation: Creating personalized supplementation programs based on the analysis to restore nutrient and hormone levels to their optimal ranges.

Health Improvement Goals: Healthy people have enhanced energy levels, mental acuity, and overall function by achieving optimal body chemistry. Your health will improve by tracking your chemistry and implementing individualized diet, supplementation, and lifestyle habits.

Concierge Service: In many cases, we offer a personalized service, including mobile phlebotomy, to your home or office, depending on where you reside for blood testing. Laboratory Blood testing is a covered service by most insurance.

Results and Recommendations: Reviewing the test results and providing detailed findings and recommendations can be done in person at our office or via telemedicine.

Collaborative Approach: Prioritizing botanical, non-prescription hormones, and nutrient-based therapies. I refer to appropriate healthcare providers specializing in integrative medicine if prescription interventions are necessary.

Integrative Health Solutions aims to optimize health by leveraging cutting-edge testing, genetic insights, and personalized supplementation while focusing on holistic and individualized approaches to health and wellness.

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