Integrative Health Solutions

What is Integrative Health Solutions?

With new advances in genetics and the understanding of how lifestyle impacts our health, we have created a new medical program paradigm:

Integrated Genetic Solutions.

These programs provide a personalized analysis of body chemistry, and measure environmental/food allergies, hormones, vitamins, and minerals, while incorporating genetic information.

This analysis allows us to create highly customized supplementation programs, which support and restore nutrient and hormone levels to their optimal ranges. Combined with healthy lifestyle behaviors, gene expression and regulation are enhanced to improve your overall health.

Your chemistry and genetics are unique

Your supplement program is customized to your individual results which include your gender, age, and weight. Optimal body chemistry can improve your appearance, provide more energy, sharpen mental acuity, and improve overall function.

Concierge Service

A phlebotomist will be sent to your home or office as part of the concierge service we provide. Blood testing, performed by Empire Clinical Labs, is covered by insurance in most cases. Once the test results are available, findings and recommendations are reviewed with you in detail.

Focusing on what we do best,

so you can be at your best

We always attempt to use botanical, non-prescription hormones and nutrient based therapies first.

If prescriptions are necessary for hormone replacement or optimization, you can either see your existing physician, or we can provide an appropriate referral to a functional medicine MD.

The medicine of the future exists now!

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